Archclass 3 - Foliage & Final details

In this course, you will finalize the Assembly by adding details and foliage.
The class will cover mostly:
3dsmax, Zbrush, Uv's in Maya,  Speedtree, ForestPack or 3dsmax Scatter
1 min
Chapter III
Sculpting and finalizing the dressing of the scene.
->Ground | Stairs | Foliages/Vegetation | Scattering
-3dsmax | Zbrush | Speedtree | Ivy generator | ForestPack
e3-Sculpting II -a Ground.mp4
38 mins
e3-Sculpting II -b Stairs.mp4
28 mins
e4-Dressing II_a Foliages.mp4
37 mins
e4-Dressing II_b Rocks bloc.mp4
33 mins
e4-Dressing II_c Vines and animation.mp4
36 mins
e4-Dressing II_d Speedtree.mp4
45 mins
e4-Dressing II_e forestpack.mp4
16 mins
e4-Dressing II_f 3dsmax scattering.mp4
18 mins
f4.2-Dressing III_a Ivy generator.mp4
9 mins
f4.2-Dressing III_b Speedtree ivy.mp4
27 mins
f4.2-Dressing III_c Set dressing.mp4
20 mins
Free associated Tips&tricks here
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