Archclass 3 - Foliage & Final details by Damien Peinoit

Archclass 3 - Foliage & Final details

In this course, you will finalize the Assembly by adding details and foliage.
The class will cover mostly:
3dsmax, Zbrush, Uv's in Maya,  Speedtree, ForestPack or 3dsmax Scatter

What's included?

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1 min
Chapter III
e3-Sculpting II -a Ground.mp4
38 mins
e3-Sculpting II -b Stairs.mp4
28 mins
e4-Dressing II_a Foliages.mp4
37 mins
e4-Dressing II_b Rocks bloc.mp4
33 mins
e4-Dressing II_c Vines and animation.mp4
36 mins
e4-Dressing II_d Speedtree.mp4
45 mins
e4-Dressing II_e forestpack.mp4
16 mins
e4-Dressing II_f 3dsmax scattering.mp4
18 mins
f4.2-Dressing III_a Ivy generator.mp4
9 mins
f4.2-Dressing III_b Speedtree ivy.mp4
27 mins
f4.2-Dressing III_c Set dressing.mp4
20 mins
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What sofware are used in this Tutorial

3dsmax, Zbrush, Uv's in Maya,  Speedtree, Substance Painter, Vray, ForestPack ...

Is that course for me?

This course is part of the Arch Masterclass course. I recommend to have bacis knowledge prior buying. I am skipping all the boring explanation part

What will I learn?

  • Quick techniques to Model/Sculpt | Uv’s Details and foliages
  • Finalizing the Set dressing
  • How to deal with assets, working with Udims, etc…
  • Using SpeedTree to create foliages and Scatter with ForestPack