Arch Masterclass FullPack - Environment creation made easy

In this course, you will be taught how to create  realistic cinematic environments to help improve your Portfolio or Showreel.
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Archclass 3 - Foliage & Final details

Part 3 only: Finalizing the Assembly by creating foliage & adding final details

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Archclass 2 - Assets creation suite

Focusing on part 2, continuity in creating the library for the scene, Sculpting, Uv's & first Assembly of the Ruin
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Archclass 1 - Assets creation intro

Focusing on the first part you will create some ruin's props, Polymodeling & Sculpting

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Archclass 4 - Texture & LookDev

Chapter IV: Shading and Texturing. Setting up the mood for a Day or a Night time version with Vray. 20mins breakdown included

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