Chapter I

First steps in creating the library for the scene, Polymodeling and sculpting.
->Bricks | Pillars | Pillar base
-3dsmax | Zbrush
Chapter I
3 mins
b1- Layout.mp4
7 mins
b2-Modeling I Bricks.mp4
34 mins
bonus - Create your Z-Brush.mp4
14 mins
b3_Modeling II_a Pillar Base.mp4
28 mins
b3_Modeling II_d Spline details.mp4
36 mins
b3_Modeling II_e Celtic Ornate.mp4
39 mins
b3_Modeling II_f Bbox and Uvs.mp4
30 mins
c3-Sculpting I_a Organise and sculpt.mp4
25 mins
c3-Sculpting I_b ornate reminder.mp4
26 mins
c3-Sculpting I_e ornate sculpt.mp4
13 mins
Free associated Tips&tricks here
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