Arch Masterclass FullPack - Environment creation made easy

In this course, you will be taught how to use references and create reusable assets. You will then use Vray to create realistic environments for your Portfolio/Reel to help get your dreamed job. Quick and easy! Fx part included for free with this full pack
The class will cover mostly:
3dsmax, Zbrush, Uv's in Maya,  Speedtree, Substance Painter, Vray ...
ArchMasterclass Trailer.mp4
2 mins
1 min
Chapter I
First steps in creating the library for the scene, Polymodeling and sculpting.
->Bricks | Pillars | Pillar base
-3dsmax | Zbrush
3 mins
b1- Layout.mp4
7 mins
b2-Modeling I Bricks.mp4
34 mins
bonus - Create your Z-Brush.mp4
14 mins
b3_Modeling II_a Pillar Base.mp4
28 mins
b3_Modeling II_d Spline details.mp4
36 mins
b3_Modeling II_e Celtic Ornate.mp4
39 mins
b3_Modeling II_f Bbox and Uvs.mp4
30 mins
c3-Sculpting I_a Organise and sculpt.mp4
25 mins
c3-Sculpting I_b ornate reminder.mp4
26 mins
c3-Sculpting I_e ornate sculpt.mp4
13 mins
Free associated Tips&tricks here
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Chapter II
Continuity in creating the library for the scene, Sculpting and first Assembly of the set.
->Collumns | Assembly of the Ruins
-3dsmax | Zbrush | Unfold3D | Maya Uv’s
d2-Modeling III_a collumn.mp4
45 mins
d2-Modeling III_b collumnTop.mp4
29 mins
d2-Modeling III_d Unfold3d and Zbrush.mp4
24 mins
e2.1Dressing I_a Ruin Assembly.mp4
39 mins
e2.1Dressing I_b Ruins Archs.mp4
21 mins
e2.1Dressing I_c Ruins Collumns.mp4
25 mins
e2.1Dressing I_d Ruins top and Final.mp4
40 mins
e2.1Dressing I_e Maya Uv's Udim.mp4
10 mins
Free associated Tips&tricks here
16.1 KB
Chapter III
Sculpting and finalizing the dressing of the scene.
->Ground | Stairs | Foliages/Vegetation | Scattering
-3dsmax | Zbrush | Speedtree | Ivy generator | ForestPack
e3-Sculpting II -a Ground.mp4
38 mins
e3-Sculpting II -b Stairs.mp4
28 mins
e4-Dressing II_a Foliages.mp4
37 mins
e4-Dressing II_b Rocks bloc.mp4
33 mins
e4-Dressing II_c Vines and animation.mp4
36 mins
e4-Dressing II_d Speedtree.mp4
45 mins
e4-Dressing II_e forestpack.mp4
16 mins
e4-Dressing II_f 3dsmax scattering.mp4
18 mins
f4.2-Dressing III_a Ivy generator.mp4
9 mins
f4.2-Dressing III_b Speedtree ivy.mp4
27 mins
f4.2-Dressing III_c Set dressing.mp4
20 mins
Free associated Tips&tricks here
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Chapter IV
Setting up the mood for Day or Night time
->Texturing/Shading | Lighting | QuickComp tour
-3dsmax | Substance Painter | Vray
g6-Painter I create Sbar.mp4
46 mins
g6-Painter II Using your own Sbar.mp4
41 mins
g6-Painter III Source.mp4
15 mins
g6-Painter IV Painter to Vray.mp4
5 mins
35 mins
i6-Lighting I Daytime.mp4
31 mins
i6-Lighting II Nightwatch.mp4
17 mins
7 mins
21 mins
instance proxies.gif
8.98 MB
2.85 MB
Free associated Tips&tricks here
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Chapter V
Creating the Portal FX
->Animated FX and FumeFX render Pass
-3dsmax | Pflow | FumeFX
j7-FX I.mp4
47 mins
k7-FX II.mp4
17 mins
16.1 KB
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