Chapter II

Continuity in creating the library for the scene, Sculpting and first Assembly of the set.
->Collumns | Assembly of the Ruins
-3dsmax | Zbrush | Unfold3D | Maya Uv’s
Chapter II
d2-Modeling III_a collumn.mp4
45 mins
d2-Modeling III_b collumnTop.mp4
29 mins
d2-Modeling III_d Unfold3d and Zbrush.mp4
24 mins
e2.1Dressing I_a Ruin Assembly.mp4
39 mins
e2.1Dressing I_b Ruins Archs.mp4
21 mins
e2.1Dressing I_c Ruins Collumns.mp4
25 mins
e2.1Dressing I_d Ruins top and Final.mp4
40 mins
e2.1Dressing I_e Maya Uv's Udim.mp4
10 mins
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